Your birthday involves presents and cake. The day after your birthday you are allowed to say “I am x”, where x is the number of candles on your cake.

4th of July is the birthday of our country, which is called America. America has decided that it doesn’t want presents or a cake, just fireworks.

Thanksgiving is a big meal with your family. We eat a turkey, which is basically a very large chicken.

Christmas celebrates the first birthday, a very long time ago, of a baby who was very special, a bit like a king but without a palace or anything, who grew up to be very, very nice indeed, so nice that he made everyone else a bit nicer. And there were shepherds and animals. Also, kind of like a birthday for everyone, because everyone gets presents, although giving them is the important part. Also, we have an indoor tree with lights and things on it. Also, we have a meal exactly like Thanksgiving.

New Year. We all need new calendars tomorrow. Train calendars are best.

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you get the train calendar your heart desires.