I am delighted to announce an upcoming book all about Mondrian, called “Mondrian in Action”. Some chapters are available in electronic form now, and the final print version is scheduled to hit the shelves in Spring, 2013. For one day only, there is a 50% discount if you pre-order the book and join the early-access program.

Whoever heard of a successful open source project that didn’t have a book? Mondrian has become successful without one… but our long-suffering users have had to piece together documentation from the scrappy online documentation, forum posts and mailing list archives. For years, my answer has been, “A book is a great idea, but I’m just too busy writing software!” Finally, I’ve teamed up with two Mondrian and Pentaho experts, Bill Back (@billbackbi) and Nicholas Goodman (@nagoodman), and we’ve set out to create the definitive guide. Now all the information will be in one place, right there between on your desk between your keyboard and your coffee mug.

Mondrian in Action serves several audiences. It explains to end-users and CIOs how Mondrian analytics can unlock the value in business data. For schema developers and DBAs, it describes in depth to how to create and administer a Mondrian system. Mondrian in Action covers the upcoming Mondrian 4 release, and includes chapters on security, multi-tenancy, and integration with other tools such as the Pentaho Business Analytics suite and Saiku, advanced analytics and visualizations, and integration with Big Data technologies.

The book is part of the acclaimed “In Action” series from Manning Publications. Books in this series are known for their direct approach to the subject, and concrete, practical examples. For countless open source projects, the definitive guide is an “In Action” book.

Speaking of open source, the Manning Early-Access Program (MEAP) is a ‘release early, release often’ process. This helps the community shape the book while it is being written. One chapter of the book is available to all. If you pre-order the book, you will get electronic access to draft chapters as they are completed, and a print copy when it is released. There is a forum where you can post questions and give feedback on the book.

Manning are offering a 50% discount for one day only. (It expires at midnight, eastern time, on November 1st.) Go to the publisher’s site, http://www.manning.com/back, and enter discount code dotd1101au.