I’m going to be at several conferences over the next month or so. I always like to meet up with people who are using mondrian, olap4j, Pentaho and LucidDB to do open source BI, so put these on your schedule.

Beer in Barcelona: Thomas Morgner, Matt Casters and others at Pentaho Community Meetup 2009.

On Wednesday September 1, there is an Eigenbase Developers Meetup at SQLstream’s offices in San Francisco. I predict that it will be a reunion, of sorts, for people who worked on LucidDB at LucidEra, but you will also hear about new features that Nick Goodman is adding as part of DynamoDB (including closer integration with Pentaho), John Sichi’s work on Firewater (a project to build a scalable shared-nothing database based on LucidDB) and contributions SQLstream developers are making to Eigenbase. And there will be beer.

At 9.00pm on Tuesday September 21, Luc Boudreau is giving a talk about olap4j at Java One. I will be in the audience, on hand to answer the questions that Luc considers beneath his dignity. This is a Birds of a Feather (BoF) talk, which means that it will be less formal than a usual conference talk, you can attend even if you have not paid to attend the conference, and yes, there will be beer.

Lastly, I will be attending the 3rd annual Pentaho Community Gathering on September 25-26 in Lisbon, Portugal, and giving a talk about what’s new in Mondrian and open-source OLAP. Meetups in previous years have been great fun, a good chance to network, and a great chance to find out all of the great stuff that the Pentaho community is working with and extending the Pentaho BI suite. Even though Portugal is better known for producing wine, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point there was beer.