At SQLstream, we have no doubt that streaming SQL and stream computing will be a key part of the next-generation enterprise infrastructure, but we are less certain how we fit into trends such as “Big Data” and “NoSQL”.

Taking the terms absolutely literally, we aren’t either. We can’t be “Big Data” because we do out damnedest to process data as fast as we receive it, in memory. I guess “Fast Data” would be a better word for what we do. And we can’t be “NoSQL” because we’re the biggest cheerleaders for industry-standard SQL you’ll find anywhere outside Redwood Shores or Almaden.

But we founded the company because we foresaw the onset of massive quantities of data, requiring efficiently-delivered low-latency results, and the impending failure (or at least faltering) of the classical database architecture to solve them. So, the forces driving us are the same forces driving Big Data and NoSQL.

SQLstream CEO Damian Black will be a appearing on the the “Big Data: Dealing with the Data Tsunami” panel at the Structure 2010 conference this week, so he took the occasion to write a blog post to set out his views on the subject.

Structure 2010 is an excellent conference, distinguished by the quality of its speakers and its attendees, and known for its intimate atmosphere. I will be in the audience both tomorrow and Thursday finding out what’s new. Follow me on twitter @julianhyde or even better, come and introduce yourself.