A couple of our friends (actually former colleagues of Pamela’s from Organic Exchange) have started a fabulous new business. It’s modeled on the “veggie box” schemes used by Community Supported Agriculture farms, except that rather than vegetables, the each week’s box contains home-baked goods.

We received the first box yesterday. It contained potato and spring pea pasties, a ginger and black pepper cake, millet muffins, and a dozen sesame cookies with Hawaiian sea salt.

Everything was delicious. We’re especially pleased with the savory items, because it’s always a challenge to create simple, healthy family meals we can enjoy with our son. We’re hoping that in future weeks the box will contain pot pies, quichen, samosas, and the like.

Cindy and Terry don’t have a web site yet. If you’re in South Berkeley, drop me a line and I’ll tell you how to sign up.

Update: I was wrong; they do have a site: it’s http://freshbitebaking.com/bite-club.