Those of you who follow me in Twitter and Facebook will know that my thoughts have been on the birth of my son, Sebastian Hyde, and not on open-source BI or streaming SQL as much as usual.

British fathers often celebrate their baby’s arrival by “wetting the baby’s head” at a local hostelry. Unlike the Christening ceremony that it is patterned after, this involves lots of beer but no baby. My friend Rhys (who, my American readers may like to note, is British but not English) devised a variation of that tradition he called “baby bingo”, and we carried out the ceremony at Barclay’s pub on Friday.

As my father well knows, beer and commemorative plaques go together. Rhys, Jacq and Sabine just presented us an excellent framed image listing the beers that we consumed in Sebastian’s honor. I wonder what Sebastian will make of it when he’s older?

Sebastian plaque