In their weekly podcast John M. Willis discusses SQLstream with Redmonk’s Michael Coté.

[Edit: This originally read “In his weekly podcast, Redmonk’s Michael Coté discusses SQLstream with John M. Willis.”]

Is anybody foolish enough to think that one screen is going to be able to tell you what is going on?

I’ve actually seen customers try […] to do ETLs every 15 minutes in order to look at what’s goin’ on, aggregating your data and doing analytics on your data, […] which is at least a 15-fold [improvement over] using a single-pane-of-glass. [If you do that,] you can avert major disasters because you’re watching the trend happen.

I think that something like SQLstream, or something like that, that is watching it as it goes […] has brilliant potential.

The action starts at around 1:10:00 in the podcast.