Pentaho Analysis Tool

Some folks are working on an olap4j-based viewer as an alternative to JPivot, called Pentaho Analysis Tool.

The key developers Tom and Luc tell me that they noticed that the halogen project hadn’t changed in a few months, so they took the halogen source code (based on GWT, by the way) and started to take it in the direction of the OLAP viewer they’d like to see.

(Edit: There are actually three key developers. I forgot to mention Paul Stöllberger. Sorry Paul!)

No hard feelings! I, and some other key Pentaho folks, are delighted that this project is happening, and will support it any way we can.

It’s ironic that when Pentaho seeded a project to build an olap4j-based viewer, they chose an organic, open-sourcey name ‘halogen’, yet these folks (none of whom works for Pentaho) chose a name that whiffs of corporate branding.

A rose by any other name, as they say. And despite the name, the viewer should work on top of any olap4j data source (which today means Mondrian and any OLAP engine with an XMLA interface).