Someone had to take the plunge. I upgraded one of my development environments, my laptop (a Dell D630 which dual-boots to Vista) to Ubuntu 8.10 last night just to kick the tires.

Since 8.04 was a LTS (long-term support) release, 8.04 users will not get automatically upgraded. You have to explicitly ask for it, as described on the Ubuntu site.

(If you are surprised that 8.10 is the successor to 8.04, you need to know that Ubuntu releases occur approximately six months apart and are numbered {year}.{month}. So 8.10 was released in October 2008. As for where the {adjective} {animal} release names come from, I have never been bold enough to ask.)

The upgrade went smoothly. Everything worked right out of the box. Kudos to the Ubuntu folks, yet again: I have been able to do distribution upgrades since Ubuntu 7.06.

As for features, I haven’t noticed anything different. I like to stay up to date, and for now I’m pleased that everything still works and looks the same. I’m sure I’ll come across the good stuff in due course.

Not so great for Eigenbase developers, though. Fennel has problems building, which is not unsurprising considering its dependencies on C++ libraries and build tools. Ubuntu 8.10 installs libtool-2.2 (8.04 was libtool-1.5.26). I got some syntax errors in what looked like a generated bash script, possibly related to libtool.

I’m not going to attempt to track down and solve the problems here. I will do that on the fennel-dev list, in the next few weeks. Eigenbase developers should note that 8.10 is not yet a viable development environment; for everyone else, it’s just fine.